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Spherical loudspeaker - special design and excellent sound

Are you looking for something extravagant with a great sound? In the 1970s, the first spherical speakers came onto the market and became legendary. We still think 50 years later: spherical loudspeakers are a well-rounded thing!

What are spherical speakers?

Of course, the most obvious characteristic of a spherical speaker is its shape. Unlike other loudspeakers, spherical boxes are not boxes with a rectangular base, but have the shape of a sphere. Some manufacturers today interpret the housing as more elliptical than perfectly round, so that the spherical loudspeakers in question appear as if they were stretched a little. The location of a hi-fi spherical speaker can be designed in a variety of ways for different rooms. The base of the boxes allows them to be placed on shelves and cupboards as well as freely in the room. Some models also offer the possibility of hanging from the ceiling or the walls of the room.

Spherical speakers from Mo Sound

How good are spherical speakers ?

When it comes to sound , spherical speakers are particularly impressive thanks to the even reproduction of sound and music from all sides. There are models of different sizes and price ranges on the market. The sound of the spherical loudspeakers can definitely be compared to column-shaped loudspeakers. Not only the sound of the spherical speakers, but above all the design of the loudspeakers is something for people with a pronounced sense of style. Our Mo Sound hi-fi spherical loudspeakers are all made of high-quality materials. In addition to an outstanding sound, we have a selection of noble colors in stock for you. With it you will surely transform your home into a sound oasis.

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When a spherical speaker is the right choice for you

A speaker with a spherical shape is the right choice for you if you ... ... are looking for a speaker with an unusual shape that can be placed anywhere in the room and blends seamlessly into your furnishing style. ... are looking for a loudspeaker in the upper price segment that is characterized by high-quality materials and flawless workmanship. ... do not want to make any compromises when it comes to clear sound and a spatial sound experience. Are you still unsure? No problem. We would be happy to advise you by phone or email.