A point sound source improves the spatial reproduction of the porcelain broadband speakers. But what is that anyway?

A point source is a sound source where all signals come from one point. This is only a physical model and doesn't quite work that way in reality, but a broadband loudspeaker built into a spherical housing offers the prerequisite for an almost perfect point sound source .

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multi-way speaker

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point source

With a broadband speaker, the entire frequency spectrum is emitted from a single driver, while a one-way speaker covers the high, mid and low frequencies. The advantage is that in this way all sound waves always travel the same distance to the listener. The spatial representation is significantly improved with the point sound source , because the signal does not come to the ears from drivers that are at different distances from each other. The sound waves arrive at the same time. This minimizes group delay differences and almost no interference occurs.

Other multi-way speaker concepts, such as a coaxial speaker, try to install the sound sources as close together as possible. However, this does not bring the same effect as a full-range speaker, which is a point source .

Our membranes are small and nimble, i.e. 3 inch or 4 inch drivers. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, they make an ingenious sound: Since they transmit less air resistance due to their small surface - and sound is nothing more than air - they are faster and therefore more precise.

They also contribute to a cleaner, more precise sound.